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Lebanon and Circular Economy

Circular Economy is the latest international solid waste strategy following the green and blue economies that preceded it. Circular economy in principle aims at capitalizing on resources within the waste streams by circulating their use at the account of final disposal. On the other hand Lebanon in its current waste management schemes is far away […] Read More

A Version Waste of Decentralization

Perhaps George Santayana said it best in his quote “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. It has been evident that most of the solid waste crisis that occurred over the past 30 years in Lebanon are due to the ongoing centralized waste management system covering approximately half of the quantities […] Read More

A shocking Blast

Beirut experienced on the 4th of the August 2020 a massive explosion destroying structures and glass at a radius that stretched for several Kilometers. Its vibration and echo went beyond 100 Km being felt and heard throughout the entire country and beyond to reach Cyprus more than 175 Km away. The destruction was massive, the […] Read More

Potential Collapse of the Solid Waste System

Throughout the recent history of Lebanon, more than one solid waste system has collapsed. Worldwide, the collapse of solid waste systems may be attributed to various reasons, public acceptance, failure of technologies, development of newer technologies, lack of means of sustainability, etc…. This article will highlight some of the key solid waste management systems that […] Read More

Potential Influence of COVID-19 on Future Solid Waste Management Schemes

Solid waste management worldwide prior COVID-19 was in a nutshell developing gradually towards prioritizing the upper part of the solid waste hierarchy pyramid and moving gradually to achieve the concepts and targets of circular economy. COVID-19 definitely had impact on everyone’s life and on various sectors including solid waste sector. Some of the key global […] Read More

COVID-19: A General Overview of the Impact of National Lockdown on Solid Waste in Lebanon

On 21 February 2020, Lebanon recorded its first COVID-19 case. Since then till 30 April 2020, a total of 725 cases have been officially documented, of which 551 cases are still active. The number of COVID-19 recovery cases are 150 cases while the number of death reached a total of 24 cases. Since Lebanon’s population […] Read More

An Applaud to Anonymous Heroes

As the entire world is experiencing an international pandemic (COVID-19) that is spreading through various countries around the world with variable impact, one can only reflect on what is important, Human Health. In this relatively critical period where governments, and individuals alike are attempting to take measures to preserve human health and protect it as […] Read More

Women and Waste Management in Lebanon

About a week ago, on the eve of Women’s Day, an exceptional lady proposed the topic of this article for me to tackle in the monthly blog. Accordingly, I agreed to address this topic in order to shed light on it and would like to dedicate this article to the female members of ISWA Lebanon […] Read More

National Financial Crisis and Sustainability of Waste Management in Lebanon

Lebanon as a small Mediterranean country, with a nominal GDP of 54.9 billion USD (2018), has been experiencing a continuous increase in in public debt since 1990s to reach in November 2019 a Gross Total Debt of approximately 90 Billion US$ and a Net Total Debt of approximately 80 Billion US$ (source: Lebanese Ministry of […] Read More

Development of waste management from yesterday’s best practices to today’s least favorable practices (General International Overview)

Waste management as everything has developed over the years in various countries through various methods. Accordingly, the development of waste management will be addressed to reflect how certain best practices gradually shift over the years to become less favorable practices. Historically, prior the industrial boost which resulted in the development of urban lifestyle that enhanced […] Read More


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