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COVID-19: A General Overview of the Impact of National Lockdown on Solid Waste in Lebanon

On 21 February 2020, Lebanon recorded its first COVID-19 case. Since then till 30 April 2020, a total of 725 cases have been officially documented, of which 551 cases are still active. The number of COVID-19 recovery cases are 150 cases while the number of death reached a total of 24 cases. Since Lebanon’s population […] Read More

An Applaud to Anonymous Heroes

As the entire world is experiencing an international pandemic (COVID-19) that is spreading through various countries around the world with variable impact, one can only reflect on what is important, Human Health. In this relatively critical period where governments, and individuals alike are attempting to take measures to preserve human health and protect it as […] Read More

Women and Waste Management in Lebanon

About a week ago, on the eve of Women’s Day, an exceptional lady proposed the topic of this article for me to tackle in the monthly blog. Accordingly, I agreed to address this topic in order to shed light on it and would like to dedicate this article to the female members of ISWA Lebanon […] Read More

National Financial Crisis and Sustainability of Waste Management in Lebanon

Lebanon as a small Mediterranean country, with a nominal GDP of 54.9 billion USD (2018), has been experiencing a continuous increase in in public debt since 1990s to reach in November 2019 a Gross Total Debt of approximately 90 Billion US$ and a Net Total Debt of approximately 80 Billion US$ (source: Lebanese Ministry of […] Read More

Development of waste management from yesterday’s best practices to today’s least favorable practices (General International Overview)

Waste management as everything has developed over the years in various countries through various methods. Accordingly, the development of waste management will be addressed to reflect how certain best practices gradually shift over the years to become less favorable practices. Historically, prior the industrial boost which resulted in the development of urban lifestyle that enhanced […] Read More

Alternative Solid Fuel Stream to Address Lebanon’s Solid Waste Challenges

Solid waste management in Lebanon throughout the last decade of the 20th century and the first two decades of the third millennium has been based around mechanical sorting, composting, and landfilling/open dumping. Such waste management schemes resulted in having, by the beginning of 2019, approximately 75% of the waste ending up in Landfills and/or dumpsites, […] Read More

Solid Waste Management within Lebanon’s Public Up-rise

As we look at Lebanon as a state we would notice over the past month, a public up-rise against corruption on various government levels. This up-rise resulted in daily protests throughout the country primarily against corruption, and the bad economic situation. Up to this point the situation is perceived as a democratic interaction between the […] Read More

Sea Landfills in Lebanon and future potentials

After the 2015 solid waste crisis Lebanon established 2 sea landfills to serve Beirut and most of Mount Lebanon. These Landfills are known as the Costa Brava Landfill and the Bourj Hammoud Landfill. Both of these landfills have been receiving comingled waste that has undergone some treatment process, and eventually are reaching their maximum design […] Read More

Financial Component of Lebanon’s Waste Roadmap 2019

On 27 August 2019, the Lebanese Council of Ministers approved of the Ministry of Environment’s Roadmap for the solid waste sector except for two cornerstone items, which were postponed and they are, the financial cost recovery Law and the National Solid Waste Strategy. This article will focus mainly at the financial cost recovery Law. Current […] Read More

Cost of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Lebanon – Urge to Divert from Open Dumping

The cost of municipal solid waste (MSW) management in Lebanon differs based on the aspect one may address it from. In the case of this article, it will be addressed from the aspect of the MSW collected and sent for processing and final disposal. Hence, this article will not account for MSW that is not […] Read More


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